Zak Winnick

Host of ZaxTrax

Originally from the famed San Fernando Valley in Southern California, now living in Middle Tennessee, I am a veteran IT professional. In addition to that, I dabble in blogging about things that interest me, mainly (Apple-focused) technology (I am a former Apple employee), as well the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors (I am also a former Tesla Model S owner). I have been a podcaster since before podcasts existed (cir. 2001), and have hosted several shows, including TechKaffe and StickWorld Podcast.

However, my real passion is music. You ever see Almost Famous? Yeah, I wanted to be William (or Cameron Crowe, since the movie is semi-autobiographical), and write for Rolling Stone. That never happened, and now you're stuck listening to me on ZaxTrax.

Zak Winnick has hosted one Episode.